ReadyToShip Picking Systems Increase Order Picking Accuracy and Speed
Just Pick it & ship it!

We have your Picking Solutions.

The ReadyToShip order picking system allows a picker to Accurately and Quickly pick multiple customer orders in one Direct Pass through a warehouse. After picking, the order is ReadyToShip.

ReadyToShip is a unique picking software, combined with a hand-held scanner that allows users to pick and scan order items quickly and accurately.

What is the ReadyToShip SECRET?

  1. Easy to Use – Simple, Fast and
Uses bar codes to verify and sort
       during picking.
  3. Three Distinct Tones provide Instant
        feedback to increase picking speed:

Tone 1: “You did the Right Thing; Do it Again.”
Tone 2: “Error Tone” Look at screen for message
Tone 3: “Look at the screen for next step”

Are you tired of order inaccuracy, unsatisfied customers and/or time consuming and inefficient picking? We have your picking solution: ReadyToShip Picking – Eliminate Errors and Increase Speed! See how by clicking on the demo link.

Easy to Install and Use
   Get up & running with
   little training required

Decrease Labor Costs

Eliminate sort & 
   verification processes

100% order fulfillment accuracy
   Customers receive
   the correct order, 
   every time

Easy to Import Data from any System
Improve Customer Satisfaction

   No more unsatisfied

Faster Time to Ship

   Speed up pick times;
   Eliminate backtracking

Fast and Proven Return-On-Investment

   Improve bottom line;
   Free up cash for other

Small & Medium Size Companies who Pick Manually

Manufacturers and/or Distributors.
Catalog companies.
E-commerce companies.
Any company picking and shipping 100’s or 1000’s of order lines per day.

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